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Daring Damask Wallpaper: Design Lesson 1

Design Lessons Series

Vogue WallcoveringsDaring damask wallpaper. You might be wondering why I was thinking damask designs are daring. Its because before I became involved with wallpapers I always though damask was a design that was typically in dark colours and found in bordellos. But enough of that. I now have seen how sophicated or contemporary or even suitable for girls rooms damask designs can be.

I thought I might do a series on different types of designs starting with damask as it has always been popular even if I was in the dark. The idea being to share a bit about the history of the design type and some examples that will inspire your decorating.


Damask History

Damask, named after the city Damascus. The pattern in damasks fabrics is created by weaving using two yarns. It is the contrast between these two yarns creates a pattern. White table clothes, bedspreads, curtains and upholstery often make use of damask designs.

Damasks were originally made of silk in the European Middle Ages. Later the name damasks covered other types of patterned fabrics regardless of the fibre. The invention of the Jacquard loom in 1801 simplified the manufacturing process allowing complex patterns such as brocade and damask.

The style of damasks available by weaving is limited by the weaving process. Printing wallcoverings the gives designers even more creative fabulous design options compared to weaving alone. With printing comes metallic inks, bright and solid contrasts, textured or not, aged and shabby chic or contemporary tone on tone, with or without extra stripes – to cover only a few of the options when you print a damask.

Lets look at some examples. Click the images to see larger views.

Damask Wallpaper Inspiration


Damask Wallpaper from Seaside Cottage

Damask Wallpaper from the Seaside Cottage Wallpaper Range


Damask Wallpaper available from Playing Around Pattern Book

Damask Wallpaper from the Martinique pattern Book






Where can I see more?

Check out our wallpaper sections in our online Decorheaven shops for Australia and New Zealand.

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