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Design trends for 2011 – Mix Mash

From Hiemtextil Trade Show in January 2011 the RECONNECT trend for 2011-12 has four directions. The design trend Mix Mash is all about culture, identity and tradition. As I mentioned in earlier blogs, Heimtextil is the global benchmark for quality design textiles of innovative functionality. And big it is!

When Caroline Till and Kate Franklin from British style agency, The Future Laboratory, put together the Trend Book they considered what do the new trends for the 2011/12 season look like? And which colours, which fabrics, which processes are of particular relevance?

Mix Mash clearly shows how tradition is being turned on its head and stylised ethnic influences from all over the world meet to produce novel patterns, prints and fabrics. Mix Mash does not look out of Africa, South America, India,  the Middle East or elsewhere but takes influences from a diverse number of cultures to Mix Mash together a new look.

Concreta Chair

Not to every-ones taste as it can have a recycled look when you view it in passing however Mix Mash more than just recycling. It is turning something old into something new, combining colours and patterns with abandon. Take this “designer” chair, Concreta chair by Rodrigo Almeida for example. Built by hand in his São Paulo studio, it is an example of the Mix Mash trend. It’s made from wood and rope, with sparkly plastic cushions. Colour is a huge element of Almeida’s work.

Mix Mash fabric and product production combines the high-tech with craftsmanship, the new with the old. Manufacturers are looking to combine the emotional strength and tradition of craftsmanship, coupled with innovation and efficient functionality.


Mix Match Pavilion

At Heimtexil the Mix Mash Pavilion show-cased a collection of fabric and product from manufacturers around the world and it really did look like a “mash-up”. When decorating we would not present our client recommendations  or have in our own homes such a jumble sale look. This was for display purposes only. Decorating with Mix Mash is the combining of selected fabrics, furniture and decor accents from the Mix Mash trend to create an environment that suits the owners identity.

MIX MATCH Trend Sample

We wonder if this trend will take off in Australia as suggested it might in Europe. Trend forecasting is not easy and while it looks a bit “School Project” for our market it will be interesting to follow what does happen in 2011-12

If you followed our earlier blog introducing the RECONNECT trends this image to the left is from the Mix Mash trend.

*Information and images courtesy of 2011 Press Releases, Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH

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