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Easy Wallpapering with the Vogue Range

If you have not wallpapered in the recent years you will not have tried the new technology of non-woven wallpapers. You will not know how easy wallpapering is compared to the days your grandmother and grandfather decorated.  Non-woven is definitely not your grandmothers wallpaper.

The benefits of  the Vogue range being printed on non-woven we will discuss later.

First lets talk about designs. If a range does not have a choice of designs you like then the benefits of non-woven are irrelevant. Vogue is a range of traditional and contemporary styled wallpapers with a subtle touch of glitter on many of the designs. The range includes large damasks, stripes and florals.

New Printing Techniques Leads Increased Design Options

Modern printing techniques to give you glitter, shine, pearlscence and texture. The designs are ideal for modern or traditional homes. Many designs will create a striking feature wall. Others are ideal for all the walls in a room.

Here are a few patterns to give you an idea of Vogues modern take on design. Colours include a variety of silver and greys, teals, browns, beige, purples and more with gold or silver patterns and highlights. You really need to see the texture, glitter and colours in real life. If you are unsure order a sample to see the colours and printing features.

Vogue Wallcoverings

Vogue Wallcoverings

Vogue Wallcoverings - Non Woven Make for Easy Wallpapering

Vogue Wallcoverings

Vogue Wallcoverings

Vogue Wallcoverings - Non Woven Make for Easy Wallpapering

To see more designs or further colourways of the above designs, Vogue is available at the Australian DecorHeaven Online Store.

Why Does Non Woven Make for Easy Wallpapering?

What’s so great about non-woven wallpaper that makes easy wallpapering?

It’s super easy to install. You paste the wall and hang. No need to carry around wet paper. Makes for less mess and less dripping. It holds its shape better making it easier to match patterns. Paste on the wall helps slide it around getting it into place is easier.

It makes it super easy to remove. You  strip off in complete sheets when you want to change your decor. Just pick at one corner and pull off carefully as there is no need to wet and scrape. Pull off dry. so much less mess.

Creating your decor style is easy wallpapering with the Vogue range. Stocked in Australia you can start decorating in a few days with glitter and style. Most orders shipped within 24 hours, business days.

Here are two designs in 4 colourways that show you how colour can make a design look different. Click the images for a larger view and use your browser back button to return to this blog post.

Vogue WallcoveringsVogue Wallcoverings VG2107 Vogue Wallcoverings - easy wallpaperingVG2109Vogue WallcoveringsVogue WallcoveringsVogue Wallcoverings

Available at the Australian DecorHeaven Online Store. Any questions, feel free to contact us or leave a comment.


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