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3 Faux Effects Wallpapers To Quickly Update Your Decor

Three Top Faux Effects Wallpapers Designs to Wake Up Your Walls

Why decorate with faux effects wallpapers? Wish you had a brick wall that you could paint white? Or a industrial concrete? Or wooden planks? Perhaps the planks have a worn, old paint look?

But your walls are plaster board!

You can achieve these looks with faux effects wallpapers and murals. Imagine loft-style exposed red or white brick wall or rustic wood panel, grasscloth textures, stones and, of cause the industrial concrete look. Faux wallpapers let you achieve structural design without the cost and work in building a new solid wall. So lets have a look at the top three for some ideas.

1. Concrete Faux Effects

Industrial Concrete Wall Faux Wallpaper

Faux Effects Wallpapers - ConcreteView the colours available at AU Shop or NZ Shop

Faux Effects Wallpapers - ConcreteCrackle Faux Concrete Wallpaper available at AU Shop or NZ Shop

2. White or Red Loft Brick Walls

w4p-loft-001-roomWhite and red brick murals available at AU Shop or NZ Shop.

w4p-redbrick-rs1-wWhite and red brick murals available at AU Shop or NZ Shop.

3. Wood Panels


w4p-wood-001-roomWood Panel Mural at AU Shop or NZ Shop


Painted Wood Wallpaper available in 4 different colourways.
Shop AU or Shop NZ

Faux Effects Wallpapers - Wood  fl-na51206

4 Colourways available Wood Panelling Wallpaper at  Shop AU or Shop NZ

Note: If you cannot find a product you have seen on the blog, drop us a line and we will check into it for you.

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