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Halloween Decor – not my kind of decor or is it?

The Crafted Sparrow Halloween Decor Mantle


Halloween Decor is not my kind of decor

Or is it? Coming up to October I find the Internet is full of images of pumpkins – orange pumpkins – and orange is not my favourite colour. I source my decorating ideas from all over the world and with the large population in the USA many ideas come from their decor blogs. These bloggers have started featuring their home made Halloween crafts and ideas. While I do love crafting it means that I cannot get my usual fix of fab room settings. There is little to inspire my decor addiction when most of the tips for decorating are all based around Halloween Decor.

Halloween is not as popular in Australia and New Zealand compared to the USA. It is not part of our “English” heritage. With the world becoming more globalised however some of us take on parts of others cultures. So if you interested in creating a little Halloween decor in your home you do not have to stick with orange and black. And you can avoid kids plastic toys from the $2.00 shop. Or use crafting skills to up grade their elegance.

There is a whole sophisticated world of Halloween decor currently being published in blogs.¬† The blog Design Dazzle has collected together 10 Elegant Halloween Mantle Ideas that feature elegant Halloween decor. As Toni puts it. She has “round up 10 of my favorite Halloween mantle ideas that are elegant with a dash of spooky and a pinch of fun!”

Alternative colours to black and orange are silvers and greys or apricots and gold colours and even white.

Source: Inspiration Seek

Source: Inspiration Seek

 Sticking to the basic black and orange with Halloween Decor

Or if you want to check out loads of orange pumpkins have a look at 50+ Enchanting Halloween Decorating Ideas at Good Housekeeping.

Good Housekeeping does Halloween Decor

Source: Good Housekeeping

Halloween Decor On the night

An ideas is to decorate your front door for the kids doing trick or treat. Remember leaving the porch light on is a sign that the home may welcome trick and treaters. Even if your neighbourhood is safe we recommend an adult goes with a group of children and no child should be trick or treating alone.  To decorate your front door try black bats made from black card. Find loads more ideas and how to links at Pinterest.

Decorating Your Front Door for Halloween.

Source: Pinterest Brit & Co

Will you be decorating for Halloween?

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