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Melbourne Cup Marquees – A Decorators Dreamland

On Melbourne Cup day, if you are lucky enough to get invited, there are 2 marquees that usually stand out.  The Moet & Chandon marquee and the Emirates one. The glamour ones are usually built by large international companies.  Local fashion store Myer also has a popular marquee.

If you are into decorating these can be inspiring as companies go over the top to better each other and their previous years marquees. You can see trends in decorating and while you would not replicate a marquee at home some ideas are adaptable for residential design decor.

Here is two of the ones we have liked in the past:

Moet & Chandon Marquee by PTW Architects marquee for the Melbourne Cup Carnival in 2005, Source:

One of the most sought-after destinations is access to the Emirates Marquees. Every year there is a new theme and they are said to get better and better each year. I like this one because it appears a peaceful  hideaway from the noisy race day crowds outside. It is more easily adaptable for the home and showed the trend towards darker woods that later appeared in show homes.

Melbourne Cup marquee - Emirates.

Emirates Melbourne Cup by TGC Building

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