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Achieve a Sophisticated Seaside Cottage Style

Are you inspired by Coastal Decor? Try Sophisticated Seaside Cottage Style

There is a trend towards sophisticated coastal decor. Have a look at the Seaside Cottage style wallpaper pattern book we have added to our Australian range. It has the fresh and clean look that gives a relaxed but still sophisticated decor style. This is not a day at the beach in a run down shack but imagine a seaside retreat with Hampton’s or Florida Keys view. Check out some of the decor looks you can achieve with a seaside cottage style in our video.

You will be pleased to read that this range is printed on eco chic environmentally friendly wallpapers. This means you are decorating in style and not adding your ecological footprint.

To ensure the wallpaper is durable it is mostly acrylic coated. This gives the surface a protective layer that enables you to be able to wipe is clean.

How to achieve a Coastal Decor Style

Do you like the Coastal Trend? The key to creating sophisticated coastal decor is not to add loads of small bits and pieces. Try one large shell rather than a jar of smaller ones. Or a statement lamp with a nautical theme. Decorating with a sophisticated seaside theme is about living by the seaside and not all about bringing the sand and seaside inside. This mean you can have trellis or florals as well.

Small samples are available for the Seaside Cottage Wallpaper Pattern Book so you can see the detail up close and match decor colours.

The gravure printing method gives detailed design options. Here are a few examples to show the variety of detail gravure printing can achieve. Click images to see a larger view.

Check out more designs and colourways at our Australian Decorating Heaven online shop.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

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