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Decorate a Sophisticated Coastal Decor Style

Coastal decor is not model sail boats and a few shells

Coastal Decor is a popular style presently. However many home owners are avoiding this style as they expect it to be thongs, model sail boats and a few shells. Even tacky with a large piece of driftwood from the beach. This is totally not the case.

Coastal decor using large floral prints.

Coastal decor achieved using large floral prints with a white background and mainly white linen.

There is a sophisticated component to decorating coastal decor style. Think of the rich mansions at Chesapeake Bay or Martha’s Vineyard. Modern sophisticated Seaside Cottage coastal decor is about the hues fresh colours bring to create a contemporary and sophisticated look. It is not ships with a restricted  blues palette. It’s coloured florals, trellis, mini prints and many more design styles.

Coastal decor: wooden floor boards, bold coloured sideboard with the freshness of live plants.

Ceiling to floor drapes and a pale coloured mat help create a cosy  feel to the coastal chic look.  Furniture does not have to match so you can pick up some pieces second hand to help create this decor style. Check out the following room setting for ideas.

Coastal Decor

Floor to ceiling drapes, mat and relaxing furniture styles.

This sophisticated large mural comes in three different colourways, blue, pink and grey:

 Charleston Garden Mural Blue  Charleston Garden Mural Pink  Charleston Garden Mural Silver Grey






Check out more designs, room settings and colourways at our Australian Decorating Heaven online shop.

Small wallpaper samples are available for the Seaside Cottage Wallpaper Pattern Book so you can see the detail up close and match decor colours.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.



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