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Strike a Pose – Bright pink wallpaper is here!

More pink designs at Holden DecorI’ve just been looking though some new wallpaper pattern books from the UK and one thing stands out – the use of very bright pinks in many of the designs.  There are the currently popular blacks, silver, beige and more with flashes of teal, purple and lime to cover some of the other popular colours in fashion. Bright pink, however, is the stand out colour from all the rest as the new trend.

Take Strike a Pose from the Kalika Pattern Book.  It is a solid pink background with detailed black swirls. The black is not just ink, it is glitter. The swirls are more than swirls with handbags, perfume bottles, martini cocktail glasses, diamond rings, pearls, high heels all subtly incorporated into the design.

More pink designs at Holden DecorThen there is the turning it around, instead of the pink background, what about a black background and large fuchsia pink coloured roses? From the pattern book Emporium comes English Rose.

Emporium Pattern Book is a UK driven fashion led collection featuring such trends as cool Britannia, travel and the 80’s that are complemented by sleek, simple designs and eye-catching effects.

Another concept is wallpaper with a classical scroll design and butterfly print overlay. Matt pink background with pink mica pools, lime, purple and turquoise accents and gold metallic highlights is Papillon Pink.

More pink designs at Holden Decor More pink designs at Holden Decor More pink designs at Holden Decor More pink designs at Holden Decor

More pink designs at Holden DecorNot into butterflies then above centre right is a splendid floral panel from the Kalika collection called Konoko-Pink. It is large pink flowers with silver and black leaves.  Or try a traditional damask made up from paisley but in funky modern colours. Yes it’s pink with metallic gold motifs on a cream background.

Want a cream rather than white decor base to your colours? There is the surface printed floral trail design from the Misaki collection. A pink flower head with gold centres, olive green leaves on cream background means you can have fresh pink flowers with your favourite cream.

If you want something totally retro but not old fashioned,More pink designs at Holden Decor Paradise is a pink and purple combination ideal for a feature wall in a dining area, media room or sunroom.

This is just a small sample of the Fab pink colours available through our special orders process.  If you are interested in any particular designs contact us to help.

Click images to see larger views.


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