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Three mistakes to easily avoid when hanging wallpaper


Go bold to make your friends jealous

Wallpapering has become very fashionable over recent years to create standout impact in your decor. Having decided to go a head and buy some wallpaper, selected the design you desire, prior to purchase and hanging here are three wallpapering mistakes we have found over the years that you need to know about. Plus how to easily avoid them as we want your decorating to have WOW appeal. Mistake one: leaving the paper in the water too long. If you selected pre-pasted product it is a mistake  to leave the paper in the water too long.  This will overly wet the paste, water it down and cause the paste to come off the paper into the water. Not enough paste means your wall paper will not stick to the wall. If you do have this problem, how can you fix this? Lay the paper out on the table and apply more paste using a brush. Avoid over wetting the paper as it is probably too wet already.


Achieve the perfect look

Second mistake: Over working and stretching the paper. Ever seen small gaps between each drop of wallpaper? You can easily avoid this by not over working the paper on the wall. Over working is pushing and pulling the paper to meet the previously hung drop. It should slide into place. Stretching the paper means gaps will appear as the paper dries and shrinks back closer to its original size. Another way to help avoid gaps is sizing the wall first or selecting one of the new style products that do not require sizing as these are often produced in non-woven fabric and are less prone to stretching. If it does happen sometimes running a coloured pencil or similar down the gap can help hide the gap however prevention is better. Mistake three:  Ordering insufficient. You have nearly finished and discover you have not got enough. You ordered insufficient. The party is next week and there is no way you are going to complete the decorating in time.  The best solution is to avoid this in the first place. Here are a few tips to help with calculating your requirements:

  • Accurately measure the wall or walls to be wallpapered.
  • Don’t use square meters to calculate requirements as this does not allow for pattern repeats and the number of drops you can get from a roll for your ceiling height.
  • Use an online wallpaper calculator.
  • Check and re-check your numbers.
  • Get help from a professional.

Looking for a sophisticated look with WOW appeal.

OK, so the maths can be daunting sometimes. Use our third method, it is a step by step way of  calculating the rolls required and methods 1 and 2 are ways of checking your calculations. We are happy to help check our customers calculations when they ask for help. Most retailers will help with this. Knowing how to avoid these three common mistakes, along with the correct planning and preparation means you will successfully decorate your walls. All your friends will be jealous. If you have hints on making wallpapering easy or concerns we can help, leave a comment.

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